Collection: Screen Print Transfers

Our screen print transfers must be pressed with a heat press with HEAVY PRESSURE.

We recommend following the below steps to ensure proper adhesion of our transfers:

  1. Set heat press to 325°
  2. Pre-press the garment for 3-5 seconds
  3. Place transfer (design side down) on the garment
  4. Press for 7-10 seconds with heavy pressure
  5. Peel while hot, but slowly to ensure complete adhesion.  If the plastisol ink is lifting, re-cover and re-press for another 7-10 seconds. You may need to press for over a minute if you're not using an industrial heat press.

*Garment must not be washed or worn within 24 hours of being pressed.  

*We always recommend washing inside out and in cold water, as well as drying on low heat, also inside out.

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